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Coaching – Your Brain on Change

Surprising Facts About the Brain

Did you know:

  • The brain is “plastic” and can rewire itself.
  • Depending on whether we decide to nourish it or subject it to continuous stress, different parts of the brain can actually grow or shrink.
  • The brain has opposing and complementary circuitry – fear and calm.
  • Multitasking does not work, or at least not the way we think it does (or wish it would).

And did you also know:

  • Health coaching has been shown to improve both physical and mental health status.
  • A study of close to 175,000 patients reported in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed monthly medical and Rx costs that were 3.6% lower for those who were supported by health coaching services.
  • An Aon Hewitt analysis of 42 published studies found an average $5.93 to $1 savings-to-cost ratio derived from wellness programs, along with an average 28 percent reduction in work absenteeism due to illness, a 26 percent reduction in health costs, and a 30 percent drop in workers' compensation and disability claims costs.

What We’re Learning from Neuroscience

David Rock – 7 Big Surprises About The Brain

  1. More focus isn’t better.
  2. Labeling emotion is helpful.
  3. Suppressing emotion isn’t useful.
  4. We like the certainty of problems.
  5. Focusing on problems makes them bigger.
  6. Social issues are as important as physical needs.
  7. Feedback rarely works.

So right now, you may be saying to yourself, “Interesting, but so what?” 

Given what the science tells us and much more yet to come, it is clear we really do have a tremendous capacity to change. That means even deeply entrenched behaviors, habits, and ways of thinking can evolve (or be reversed completely if desired) over time, when given the commitment, focus, and support needed to make the changes we seek to improve our health, enhance our performance and productivity, achieve calm and balance, and ultimately to enrich our lives in a holistic way which enables us to make the most of the moments we are given.

Get a Competitive Edge 

Through PeopleTweaker®, Insight MD’s® corporate and individual integrative coaching service, you and your team can access broad-based expertise to establish priorities, eliminate roadblocks, and create plans to optimize performance. In today’s world, health truly does = organizational wealth, and the dots really are connected. And for that very reason, we offer confidential executive and employee health and wellness coaching to help you and your team enhance your health, reduce medical costs, and help prevent future threats to well-being. With these changes, how much more could you and your organization accomplish?

And, since you cannot divorce your health from your life, we also offer life and executive coaching. Imagine what you could achieve with a focused approach to setting life and career goals, devising a customized plan to reach them, and having the support needed to stay on track.

Even if your insurance carrier offers population health management and wellness programming, PeopleTweaker® can complement these services by providing coaching for more complex members who would benefit from sessions delivered by a physician or members with conditions for which there is not a specific program available. And even if you have an executive health benefit program in place, PeopleTweaker’s® integrative, personalized, customized coaching approach can complement those services and take the C-suite and other members of the management team to a higher level of health and well-being, all of which has material implications for the health of the organization and the bottom line.


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