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Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Services

Building a Healthy Business

Many companies receive health claims analysis from their insurers, which helps save money if they analyze it to manage quality and costs. But what if you’re not looking at the healthcare data; or if when you look at the data, you don’t know what to look for?

Businesses small and large, insurance brokers/consultants, and medical practices alike can navigate clinical and claims data more effectively with Insight MD®. Our recommendations help you focus efforts on preventive care and healthier patients. We perform large claims review and then assist you in crafting a benefit design plan crafted from a clinical perspective that best allocates scarce resources. Insight MD’s customized action plans are focused on delivering higher quality care to achieve and sustain health and well-being over the long haul. 

What They Don’t Teach You in Medical (or Business) School 

Whether you work in a single or multi-specialty group, a large primary care practice, or an integrated health system, chances are good you don’t have time to become an expert in every new healthcare development. Insight MD® brings Chief Medical Officer services that provide a robust tool set -- incorporating clinical, business and wellness expertise -- that supports patient-centered care. To ensure sustainability, we train your staff to coach patients to become a partner in their healthcare.

Insight MD® helps your staff understand health disparities in your patient population so you can continue to provide the highest quality care.

Lastly, we analyze your data to demonstrate improved patient outcomes. This helps you realize the full benefit of your electronic health records (EHR), and qualify for higher health plan reimbursements and performance bonuses. The result is optimal health and business outcomes.

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What We Do

Insight MD connects you to comprehensive clinical, wellness and business insight that transforms healthcare and health outcomes. 

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What We Believe

We believe a holistic and data-focused approach puts the “health” back into healthcare. Insight MD catalyzes insight-driven action to innovate healthcare and generate cost savings.

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