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Ode to Authentic Leadership

An Ode to Authentic Leadership: Six Steps to Get Real

By Z. Colette Edwards, MD, MBA

What makes one leader more effective than another? Authenticity. Physician, MBA-trained executive, and integrative wellness coach Z. Colette Edwards gives the top 6 tips to get real and achieve authentic leadership.

  1. Act from a deep sense of purpose and meaning. Know why you are doing what you do and connect all of your actions to that “why.”
  2. Cultivate a high degree of self-awareness and a strong sense of self-determination. This constant connectedness is essential to staying focused and on track.
  3. Feel satisfied with past decisions and have few regrets. If you’re constantly connecting to that sense of purpose, you’ll limit the number of regrettable moments.
  4. Make sure your public face matches your private face. Say it, mean it, do it. Don’t fake it.
  5. Have the courage to face your fears and find a deeper truth. Be open to an alternate path from the one you’ve always taken. If it’s never explored, it can never be discovered.
  6. Express genuine thoughts and feelings, and encourage others to express theirs. Cultivate what is true in others by setting an example yourself.

Founder of Insight MD, Z. Colette Edwards hosts the “Leading with Authenticity” seminar. For more information on upcoming sessions and to register, visit: http://www.accessinsightmd.com/news-new

Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.  ~ Oscar Wilde


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